Data-Driven, Agile, Credible Marketing:

Now More Important Than Ever

Access to HCPs has been on the decline. The current crisis has accelerated that decline and forced a digital transformation in the way HCPs practice medicine and seek out clinical information. These shifts present challenges to sales representatives who need to maintain credibility and provide support services to HCPs.

With Access to HCPS Continuing to Decline...


of physicians indicating that the crisis will have a lasting impact on their willingness to welcome Reps for live meetings*

Marketers have an increased focus on resourcing Reps for virtual engagement

* Source: McKinsey & Company, April 2020

Marketing Dollars Need to Work More Effectively...


now using digital resources to replace information provided by Reps

Coordinated, innovative NPP campaigns increase brand engagement

† Source: IQVIA, April 24, 2020

Reduced Access and Vacancies
Negatively Impact Share

Despite reduced frequency of interactions or vacancies, HCPs still need and expect support from brands and brands still need to market their products

  • Communicate effectively

    Marketers need to drive share with limited-to-no access for Reps

  • Reach all practice stakeholders

    Influence all stakeholders in a practice

  • Support HCPs & patients

    HCPs and patients need access to support and resources

  • Coordinate marketing efforts

    Drive greater impact with a coordinated effort

Reimagine How Omnichannel
Integrates Representatives


Bulid & launch advanced, personalized journeys for Representatives to low and no-see HCPs

For Low and No-See HCPS

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Conversation Continuum

Automatically trigger communications based on data captured by a Rep during a sales call

Support in-person selling with automated non-personal promotion

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Allow for the localization of tactical marketing driven by Reps

For forward-thinking Reps who engage in true territory management

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Vacancy Management

When a territory goes vacant, quickly launch non-personal promotion to help offset share loss

When no Rep coverage is available

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Build Journeys for Low/No See HCPs

The C.O.V.E.R. platform allows marketing teams to create and deploy multichannel journeys on behalf of representatives, targeting low-see and no-see HCPs, providing enhanced support while still allowing them to be “at the center” of the interaction.

  • Returning to "Normal" will be localized
  • Accessing hard-to-see HCPs will become even more difficult, with access to others declining
  • Representatives need new way to engage HCPs where access is restricted or declining
  • BioPharm aligns HCPs to territories and Reps
  • BioPharm matches affinity data to HCPs
  • Based on affinity, HCPs are loaded into specific journeys
  • All journets are personalized and appear to come from Rep
  • Engagement data is fed back into Veeva Timeline, providing transparency to Rep

Conversation Continuum

Drive Greater Impact with a Coordinated Effort

CONVERSATION CONTINUUM builds upon representative activity during in-person selling. When a representative completes a sales call, they log information into an SFA, like Veeva. CONTINUUM connects to the SFA, pulls completed call information, and triggers non-personal promotion to HCPs based on what was discussed during the call.

  • Rep interactions with HCPs are genrally less than a few minutes
  • Time between details range from 3 to 8 weeks based on HCP decile and accessibility
  • Coordinating sustained non-personal promotion post-call is proven to drive greater impact
  • First, Reps log call activity data in their existing SFA
  • Next, BioPharm connects to the SFA
  • — Pulls activity data
  • — Determines topics of discussion
  • — HCP enters appropriate journey
  • — Journey runs for set amount of time
  • Finally, BioPharm sends response data to inform Rep of HCP engagement

Vacancy Management

Respond Quickly to Vacancies

Reps play a critical role in supporting HCPs, their offices, and patients. When a territory goes vacant, do you have planned approach to supporting HCPs and the patients they treat?

  • When a territory goes vacant, share decline begins a rapid pace
  • Share loss due to vacancies can be offset through a coordinated multichannel effort
  • Reps will also have access to detailed reporting as well as budget tracking and allocations
  • — Allows for quick launch of promotion to immediately minimize impact
  • — Demonstrates commitment to supporting HCPs and their patients
  • Flexibility in message type based on share drivers are critical
  • Samples, copay offsets, and access support or clinical differentiation and key brand attributes
  • Overall Rx loss in vacant territories improved from a 35% share loss to a 20% loss in volume where the BioPharm VMP was activated
  • The platform demonstrated a 4.4:1 ROI
  • The same client ROI study demonstrated greater overall impact with lower decile HCPs who received fewer PDEs in the pre-period

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