Our 360° Approach

What is the 360º Approach?

Our approach is based on a simple premise — understand your brand and understand your targets. First, we make sure we take the time to understand your target audience, what you want to communicate to them, and why. From there, we dive a layer deeper to uncover the right platforms (KOL-endorsed content or not), the preferred channels of your targets, and the frequency needed to drive behavioral change.

It can really be summed up this way: we drive behavioral change through the appropriate investment of the right type of resources against your most commercially valuable targets.

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Influence Healthcare Professionals

BioPharm's proprietary platforms leverage a peer-to-peer learning format. Our robust suite of proprietary promotional educational programs is designed to align with brand strategic imperatives. Each campaign includes the development and deployment of assets through personal and non-personal channels. Scroll over the titles to learn more.

For Healthcare Providers

Clinical Impressions
Rx Peer Insights
Patient Care Insights

For Managed Care Decision Makers & Pharmacists

Topics In Managed Care
Managed Care Insights
Formulary Facts


Differentiate and Build Awareness

The foundation of any good CRM campaign is built upon delivering a consistent, meaningful message with the right reach and frequency to appropriate target audience. The strategies and offerings behind our Brand360° approach do just that.

Don't forget the best part - we've got ten years of physician preference data in nearly every therapeutic category that drive our recommendations.



A unique, highly targeted, multi-channel approach to traditional journal advertising

Expert Perspectives In Medicine

Expert Perspectives® in Medicine

Expert Perspectives® in Medicine is a premier next-generation and customized platform featuring highly prominent thought leaders.



Track Campaign Engagement Instantly

Our powerful CRM platform serves as the backbone of every campaign we deploy. It allows for the execution of personalized campaign elements, strategic message flow, and dynamic calls-to-action for each target segment and is built upon predefined business rules and campaign logic.

Once your campaign is deployed, we begin to aggregate data on tactic performance and user engagement. Because data are available in near real time, our strategy team can make on-the-fly modifications, shifting tactics to drive higher engagement rate. Throughout the life cycle of your campaign, we meet regularly to discuss performance and recommended adjustments.

Our experience tells us that positive engagement data are a solid leading indicator for a strong ROI — so we drive towards the highest level of engagement possible at the lowest cost.

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