Meaningful connections. Empowering brands.

Our network of more than 3 million healthcare decision makers allows you to build meaningful connections. And because it's always on, it's here whenever you need it.

What we bring

Reimagine the way HCPs experience your brand.

  • An always-on network¬†of more than 3M HCDMs
  • Extensive targeted and scalable channel mix
  • Unmatched data-driven activation¬†capabilities
  • KOL collaborations to enhance Brand credibility
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Active Match
Across Channels

Paid social

50% Match rates


70% Match rates


85% Match rates

Direct Mail

100% Match rates

Medical Journal Partnerships

Access to over 150 journals print and electronic

Two Decades of Experience in Healthcare


How Our Network Helps Brands Thrive

Always ON / MD

Drive reach, frequency, and engagement with our always-on network of more than 3 million HCDMs


Trigger-based, next best action opportunities to impact decisions and change behavior

Deep Education

Rooted in science, programs created with and validated by KOLs, designed to educate HCPs

Executed through our best-in-class precision marketing engine, tandem.


Always ON / MD

Drive reach, frequency, and engagement quickly through our network of more than 3M healthcare decision makers

Work your content harder. Get to market faster.

  • Leveraging existing assets to create dynamic, rich content
  • Templated, modular approach creates multiple market-ready iterations of assets
  • Ready for review in less than 3 weeks
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Trigger-based, next best action opportunities to impact decisions and change behavior

Engaging HCPs at key moments is essential to make a brand connection — these moments are when you truly have a unique opportunity to deliver relevant messages to impact decisions and change behavior.

With our one-of-a-kind data and activation capabilities, we target these unmissable moments.

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Peer-Based Deep Education

Rooted in science, unlock the power of KOL credibility

KOL Insights

Unlock KOL credibility and endorsement on key clinical data to provide deep education supporting key Brand messages

KOL-led Patient Cases

KOL-led patient case review to drive deep clinical education and assist HCPs with appropriate patient identification

Expert Perspectives Exclusive Sponsorship

Leverage the power of a multichannel advertising platform built upon community-driven, expert-created, hyper-contextualized, KOL-led content

Live KOL Video Development

  • Deep Engagement: Long form, single KOL or roundtable discussion format with 2 KOLs and moderator. May be chaptered.
  • Light Engagement: Video vignettes, shorter form, unbranded, introducing topics on page

Take A Video-First Approach Using AI

  • Educate HCPs through existing KOL-based AI Avatar
  • Create video from scripts in minutes
  • Evolve message based on user experience
  • Translations can be done for global markets
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Measurement & Optimization

Unparalleled campaign performance transparency

  • Consistent metrics reports
  • In-campaign, performance-based optimizations
  • NPI-level reporting
  • Ongoing data transfers
  • BOT trapping and filtering
  • Automated ROI tool*
*Automated ROIs are not available across all therapeutic categories. Accessibility of retail pharmacy and claims data required.

Meaningful connections drive meaningful results

We are hyper-focused on results. Our experience, third-party tools, and reach consistently deliver impact for clients, with strong lift and ROI.

(Results since 2021.) *Lift Calculations: Lift is calculated as the increase in average scrips per target relative to the control group, aggregated over the time the campaign was in market. n=27.

Limitations: Calculations control for average Rx volume in the pre-period. Uncontrolled parameters include any promotion external and concurrent to the BioPharm campaign.
client campaigns
HCPs reached
BioPharm Average Lift*

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