Sustain High Brand Awareness in Heavily Competitive Market

  • Highly competitive market required a need to sustain high brand awareness with priority clinicians
  • Promotional reach and engagement were lagging with key targets
  • Create a highly targeted and integrated multi-channel program utilizing BP TargetAds solution for premium brand exposure
  • Deliver promotional messages to right targets with optimal frequency
  • Leverage existing brand creative content to accelerate time to market


Multi-channel approach with email, cover wrap, and outsert promotion in high impact rheumatology journals with premium placement
  • eJournal: 6 email waves driving to 6-issue eJournal subscription to premium rheumatology journals/specific journals based on relevance to each target for maximum engagement (3,453 targets)
  • Cover Wraps: 3-month run providing coordination and placement for increased visibility (4,793 targets)
  • Direct Mail Outserts: Polybagged in 2 journals leveraging pre-approved "Peer-to-Peer Newsletter"
  • Leveraged pre-approved asset with expedited speed to market – 1st outsert in market within 2 months


  • Email average open rates 3x industry averages
  • Unique email targets engaged 2x BioPharm averages with total unique email targets engaging at 21.3%
  • Cover wrap & outserts average projected recall rate was 50%
16.9% Overall Lift

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