Educate HCPs on Appropriate Patient Type and Overcome Perceived Access Barriers

  • Oncology brand lagging in awareness of appropriate patient types in highly competitive market
  • Low awareness of long-term data of appropriate patient types
  • Perceived access barriers
  • Drive interest and engagement utilizing proprietary "ClinCases Roundtable" solution that combines the following:
    • Impact of a patient case presentation format
    • Credibility of KOLs
    • Roundtable discussion on the study’s findings
  • Integrate branded emails and unbranded social ads to drive to KOL discussion on microsite


  • Support awareness of long-term data and education of appropriate patient types through targeted, case-based KOL content (featuring 2 thought leaders)
  • Content featured the robust, long-term data provided by the study
  • Developed library of dynamic content creative assets featuring 4 different messages based on segment attributes, including: clinical messages, commercial coverage, patient support resources, and savings
  • Campaign Components:
    - Developed a patient-focused roundtable video recognizing the benefits in molecular response and long-term outcomes between the 1L
    - Created a microsite to host the video
    - Deployed 4 emails reinforcing study benefits messaging
    - Messaging pulled though general access content as an add-on theme to overcome perceived access barriers
    - Banner and social media components drove to the microsite


Scientific Content Leveraging KOLs Drove Interest and Engagement

  • Strong email engagement across all channels
  • Extensive reach through social channels
  • Deep engagement with educational video content

  • 61.7% of engaged HCPs have opened 2+ emails
  • “Frequent Prescribers” was one of the smallest segments but showed the strongest email engagement rate of 17.4%
  • Microsite yielded 1,694 sessions and 1,942 pageviews with an average time spent on the microsite of 2:30

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